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புதுச்சேரியில் 04.01.2021 முதல் பள்ளிகள் திறப்பு - Directorate Of School Education Circular

As approved by the Govt . of Puducherry , Schools will reopen on 04.01.2021 in Puducherry and Karaikal regions for conduct of regular classes for students of std I to XII to be conducted only in the forenoon sessions from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm on all 6 days ( Monday to Saturday ) of the week . The Heads of all Govt./ Private Schools in Puducherry and Karaikal regions are instructed to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP ) enclosed as Annexure to this circular. # இந்த பயனுள்ள தகவலை அனைவருக்கும் பகிருங்கள் - யாரேனும் ஒருவருக்காவது பயன்படும்...

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