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SSA - Teachers Day Celebration - Hashtags - Contribution of the Teaching Community - Reg.

We are aware that 5th September of every year is celebrated as Teacher's Day in the country to recognize the contribution of the teaching community towards the society. Indian teachers have always been exceptional in the performance of duties , working selflessly and relentlessly through the ages , often in adverse conditions to bring down prejudices and provide impetus to transform society. With reference to the letter cited , it is informed to issue instructions to all schools in your districts to celebrate Teachers ' Day on 5th September and recognize the contribution of the teaching community through virtual format. It is also informed to advise schools to popularize the following hashtags :

1. #Our TeachersOurHeroes- Where children can post their own selfies with a paper sharing their teacher's / teachers ' name or with a message to their teachers.

2. #TeachersFormIndia - Where teachers from these schools are acknowledged .
# இந்த பயனுள்ள தகவலை அனைவருக்கும் பகிருங்கள் - யாரேனும் ஒருவருக்காவது பயன்படும்...

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