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Updated on : 19 January 2021

Current Version : 0.0.33

1. Updates released for Karpom Eludhuvom Inspection in BRTE login.
2. School COVID-19 Watch Checklist updated.
3. Changes to UI, bug fixes and performance enhancements. 


Educational Management Information System 19-Jan-21 INFORMATION INF-0010 
  • Latest version of TN EMIS Mobile App on Google Play Store (V 0.0.33) is released.
  •  In this version, School COVID-19 Watch Checklist is provided under School Preparedness module. 
  • Headteachers of ALL High and Higher Secondary schools are directed to update this checklist for their respective schools on all working days starting from 20-01-2021. 
Information for  TN-EMIS App - COVID-19 Watch Checklist to be filled Action required? Head Teacher of all HS and HSS Ongoing activity from 20th January 2021

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