TN School App - மாற்றம் செய்ய வேண்டியவைகள்

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1. Synchronization button will be in the home page. Probably at the bottom of home page.

2. Need more server speed. Then only we can mark attendance even in weak signal area.

3. Aged HMs feel reluctant to separate login for students and teachers attendance. Once logout, it is hard to login again.
So separate app for teachers attendance may be the solution.

4. In latest VIVO 11 pro I can able to put attendance but it is not updating (green mark). But with my assistant old 3G phone it can be done. I used all the ways guided by your team. Please clarify this in chennai meeting.

5. In some schools which are in hilly area attendance shows as not marked even they come to signal area.

6. Teachers attendance ல் பிற்பகல்  அரை நாள் தற்செயல் விடுப்பை பதிவு செய்ய முடியுமா

7. In Teacher's emis no... date of birth is differed.

8. Many teachers have not yet been added in teachers profile.... Even if add them now it is not updated in attendance. How do mark attendance to them???

9. All teachers want atleast one hour training about teacher's app .how to rectify the problems

10. In some schools teachers attendance shows as already marked..... HM suspected someone might have without his knowledge. How solve such technical problems Sir???

11. In some schools userid and password opens in EMIS but not in attendance App.

12. If HM is absent ,how to put teachers attendance.whether the assistant can use HMs id and put teachers attendance on that day.whether any problem will arise.what is the solution.

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