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7th Pay Commission: Will PM Modi Announce Hike in Minimum Pay, Fitment Factor on August 15?

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Central government employees and as many retirees are waiting

for a hike in minimum pay and fitment factor beyond the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission or 7th CPC. At this time, the highly asked question is – Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi make an announcement on August 15 in connection with the hike in fitment factor and minimum pay beyond 7th Central Pay Commission?

As the question over PM Modi’s declaration remains unanswered, a hike in minimum support price (MSP) announced by him has fuelled the hopes of the Central and State government employees who are waiting a salary hike beyond 7th CPC or 7th Pay Commission recommendations. On the other hand, if reports are to be believed, a hike in minimum pay and fitment factor beyond 7th CPC recommendations can be expected ahead of Election Commission of India’s (ECI) notification for Lok Sabha Elections 2019. (7th Pay Commission: Good News For Government Employees of This UT)

Apart from this, the benefits of the 7th Pay Commission given to the state employees of Jammu and Kashmir, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh by the respective government’s of the states, has also strengthened the belief of the Central and State government employees that their salaries will see a hike soon.

Notably, Minister of State in Finance P Radhakrishnan in March had dashed the hopes of over 50 lakh employees who have been demanding higher minimum pay and fitment factor. He had informed Rajya Sabha that the government was not considering hiking minimum pay and fitment factor beyond the 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

The Central and state government employees are demanding a hike in the fitment factor from 2.57 times to 3.68 times beyond the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, claim reports.

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