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Saturday, 2 June 2018


Lesson plan:

Class :1

Subject : English

Topic : Crossing the road safely

Concepts : Leaning traffic signals for road crossing the road safely.

Learning out come :

Listens and learning about traffic signals,

Follow the traffic roles, Reads simple sight words,Associate pictures with words.

Teacher activity : Using with Proper TLM.

Motion ;Introduce the topic though pictures,songs, stories, discussion etc,,

Teaching activity :

The practice activity is based on the textual content with a motive to revice the text,

Students do the activity as a whole class with the activity with help of the teacher.

Peer support activity :

Teacher can help the students thought simple explanation and model,

Each member shares their ideas in group.

Peer group activity with book exercises .

Individual activity :Teacher or peer support can be given if needed,The students to complete the book activites, the teacher helps and facilitates.

Evaluation :Choose questions accordingly to test the students, Using for teacher manual book.


The reinforcement activities ensure understanding of concepets to the slow learners.Using with work book

Enrichment:The enrichment activities for the above average students.Using with loop material.

Home work :

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