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Income Tax E-Filling செய்வது எப்படி ? Step By Step Explanation in Tamil (www.incometax.gov.in)


Income Tax E-Filling Website Link  - https://www.incometax.gov.in

 How to file ITR1 Online:

Enter the relevant data directly online at e-filing portal and submit it. Taxpayer can file ITR 1 and ITR 4 online. step1 Go to the Income Tax eFiling portal www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in

 step2 Login to e-Filing portal by entering user ID PAN Password Captcha code and click Login. 

step3 Click on the e-File menu and click Income Tax Return link. 

step4 On Income Tax Return Page: PAN will be auto-populated Select Assessment Year Select ITR Form Number Select Filing Type as lOriginal/Revised Return Select Submission Mode as Prepare and Submit Online. 

step5 Online Click on Continue step6 Read the Instructions carefully and Fill all the applicable and mandatory fields of the Online ITR Form. 

Note : To avoid loss of data/rework due session time out Click on Save Draft button periodically to save the entered ITR details as a draft. The saved draft will be available for 30 days from the date of saving or till the date of filing the return or till there is no change in the XML schema of the notified ITR Whichever is earlier. 

step7 Choose the appropriate Verification option in the Taxes Paid and Verification tab. Choose any one of the following option to verify the Income Tax Return: 

step8 I would like to eVerify 

step9 I would like to eVerify later within 120 days from date of filing. 

step10 I don't want to eVerify and would like to send signed ITRV through normal or speed post to Centralized Processing Center Income Tax Department Bengaluru 560 500 within 120 days from date of filing. 

step11 Click on Preview and Submit button Verify all the data entered in the ITR. 

step12 Submit the ITR. 

step13 On Choosing I would like to eVerify option eVerification can be done through any of the following methods by entering the EVCOTP when asked for. EVC generated through bank ATM or Generate EVC option under My AccountAadhaar OTPPrevalidated Bank AccountPrevalidated Demat Account Note On Choosing the other two verification options the ITR will be submitted but the process of filing the ITRs is not complete until it is verified. The submitted ITR should be eVerified later by using My Account eVerify Return option or the signed ITR-V should be sent to CPC Bengaluru. 

step14 The EVC OTP should be entered within 60 seconds else the Income Tax Return ITR will be auto-submitted. The submitted ITR should be verified later by using My Account eVerify Return option or by sending signed ITRV to CPC. 

step15 To view the uploaded ITRs ​​ www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
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