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 How to Apply Leave in TNSED App (Step By Step)

Steps for applying Leave Application in TNSED App

1. Login to TNSED app using Individual Login.
2. Click e-Proile
3. Click Apply Leave.
4. First “Enter Leave Balance”
5. Casual Leave - 12 Days. Enter the available balance Casual leave
6. Compensatory Leave – It is only for Non Teaching Staff (C and D Grade) .
For Teacher Staff, Compensatory leave is 0 (zero). For Non Teaching Staff,
enter the available balance Compensatory leave.
7. Earned Leave – Enter the leave available as entered in Service Record
8. Unearned Leave on Medical Certificate
For those who have completed Probation Period

9. Restricted Holiday – 3 Days. Enter the available balance Restricted
10. Click Submit.
11. After Submitting Leave Balance, needed leave can be entered
by the Staff.

Approval for Leave Application

1. After leave applied by the Teachers and Non Teaching Staff, approval
should be given by the concerned School HM using HM Login using Leave
2. For leave applied by HMs, Approval should be given by Drawing Officers.
For Primary and Middle School HMs – approval must be given by
concerned BEO using their individual Login.
For High and Hr. Sec. School HMs – approval must be given by concerned
DEO using their individual Login.

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