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PG TRB Syllabus 2021 Download pdf

 TN TRB PG 2021 Syllabus For Concerned Subjects: 

The table includes TRB exam syllabus for English, TRB syllabus Tamil and for other subjects : 

PGTRB Syllabus 2021 For English :

  •  Modern Literature (1400 to present day) 
  • Prose, Drama, Poetry 
  • Shakespeare 
  • American Literature 
  • Indian Writing in English 
  • Approaches to Literature 
  • History of English Language 
  • Linguistics 
  • Principles of Literary Criticism 

PGTRB Syllabus 2021 Maths Syllabus :

  1. Algebra 
  2. Real Analysis 
  3. Fourier series and Fourier Integrals 
  4. Differential Geometry & Equations 
  5. Operations Research 
  6. Functional & Complex Analysis 
  7. Statistics I, II 

PGTRB Syllabus 2021 Physics Syllabus:

  1. Vector Fields 
  2. Probability and Theory of errors 
  3. Classical mechanics 
  4. Statistical Mechanics 
  5. Electromagnetic theory 
  6. Spectroscopy 
  7. Solid State Physics 
  8. Quantum mechanics 
  9. Nuclear Physics 
  10. Electronics (Digital) 

PGTRB Chemistry Syllabus 2021 :

Periodic properties VB theory, 
MO theory and its applications Non aqueous solvents Solid state & Co-ordination chemistry, 
properties Optical activity and concept of chirality Conformational analysis Organic reaction mechanisms Heterocyclics Old quantum theory Application of schrodinger equation,
radioactivity Thermodynamic equations of state Orgnometallic compounds Theory and applications of spectroscopic methods, reaction rates, etc Check Out: Chemistry Questions And Answers  

PGTRB Botany Syllabus 2021 :

 Viruses, Bacteria, 
Thallaophytes and Lichens Plant Pathology and Microbiology Bryophytes, 
Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms Morphology, 
Taxonomy and Economic Botany Cell Biology and Genetics Anatomy and Embryology Plant Physiology and Bio-Chemistry Plant Breeding and Bio-Technology Ecology and Phyto-geography Palaeo Botany and General Principles  

PGTRB Syllabus 2021  Zoology Syllabus  :

Classification Binomial Nomenclature Biological Chemistry Role of minor and major elements in metabolism enzymes Cell and Molecular Biology Genetics-Gene Interactions Physiology, Nutrition Antigees and Antibodies Evolution Man and Biosphere History Harappan civilization Jainism and Buddhism Mughals Arab conquest of Sindh and Muslim invasions slave dynasty Foundation of British rule in India Great Mutiny 1857 Integration of Indian States Industrial, Agrarian, French, Russian revolutions First and Second World War, Cold War, etc Economics Micro Economics, Theories Macro Economics, Theories Monetary Economics, Theories Central Bank and its functions Factor Prices & Factor Market International, Fiscal and Indian Economics etc.  

PGTRB Syllabus 2021  Commerce Syllabus :

 Marketing & Advertising Accounting for management and its functions, benefits Capital Expenditure decisions Costing Methods/ Techniques Entrepreneurial Development Role of banks in EDP-TRYSEM Statistics Importance Sampling Banking & Finance Company Law & Auditing Income Tax Authorities, Powers, etc. Physical Education Definitions of basic / applied / action research and its needs Classification of Research data and its collections Tools & Techniques of Research 
• Types of statistical process Philosophy in Evaluation in Physical Education 
• Teaching, Training and Coaching definitions in PE 
• Concept of Health 
• Components of physical fitness 
• Places of test in training 
• Rule of sports and games Sports authority of Tamil Nadu, etc. 

 PG TRB Tamil Syllabus 2021  :

Prose, etc  

PGTRB Exam Syllabus 2021 for General Knowledge  :

• History of India & Tamil Nadu 
• Indian Constitution 
• Personalities Sports & Games 
• Abbreviations Every Day Science 
• Current Affairs  

TRB 2021 Syllabus Educational Methodology :

• Pre-primary Education
• Non-formal and Adult Education 
• Role of Educational Institutions 
• Special problems of rural and tribal people
• Eradication of poverty through Education 
• National Integration 
• Nutrition and health
• Environmental Education 
• Channel of International communication 
• Implications for the teacher 
• Role of rewards and punishments National Educational Policy (1986), etc.  

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