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Pongal Bonus Steps in IFHRMS Online Entry 


 Step 1:-

HR - gtn pay service - pongal bonus - click action button - select year, DDO code,

office name, and 1st time choose only report - continue - submit

Once completed montior request status and then check the details

Step 2:-

Same as step 1 but choose process with report

Once completed montior request status and then click view output

Step 3:-

Finance - payroll - process - search - select the employees - click process supplementary run - choose pongal bonus - submit

Once completed Monitor request status

Step 4:-

Finance - payroll - result - select pongal bonus - click search button - and then check the values for all

Step 5:-

Finance - payroll - Generate bill - supplementary salary bill - choose pongal bonus -

search - select the employees and then click generate bill

Once completed Monitor request status click view output bill number generated...and then asusal bill forwarded to our office level and bill forwarded to treasury

 Nilgiris District,

 Wipro Support Team

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