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District level Team visit will be held from august 2019 in all the schools of all blocks in our perambalur and ariyalur district.

The following items are to be viewed during the district level team visit in a school

1. Students learning performance ( Reading, writing & basic arithmetic skills) in Tamil , English and mathematics
2. Teaching and learning methodology form 1st standard to 8th standard in all primary and upper primary schools
3. Usage of teaching and learning materials for making learning atmosphere as easiest way
4. Keeping on lesson plan of teachers
5. Checking of all the steps which are in ALM & SALM
6. Checking of trays which is keeping in SALM
7. Usage of all kits (language, science, maths kits) and dictionary which are given by samagra shiksha and school education
8. Usage of QR code and Tab
9. Checking of home work note book, two and four line notebook
10. Following of CCE activities
11. Following of New Pedagogy classroom transaction and classroom activities (Panthal, health chart, whether chart and self attendance)
12. Keeping on cleanliness in toilets and school campus
13. Hanging on learning outcome posters/ calendars
14. Keeping learning outcome books in the classroom
15. Usage of T.V/ DVD/ computer/ Laptop/ projectors
16. Keeping on periodical assessment test papers (Phase II 2018 - 2019) and grading list of students in the classrooms

All supervisors and BRTEs are intimated that we are going to be conducted on district level team visit from the month of august 2019 in all the schools of all blocks in our district under quality intervention of our district. One school for each BRTE will be covered in the district level team visit.

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